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Brass Monkey 2016 entry will open mid-summer.

This event is PRE-ENTRY ONLY, there is NO entry on the day.

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Brass Monkeys

This is our hugely popular Enduro Series headline sponsored by Merida Bikes UK. Hundreds of riders enjoy some great established Enduro venues and their typical fun courses - flowing and testing singletrack and fire roads through the wonderful Hampshire and Surrey countryside.

All you need to do is choose how long you want to ride for, and then do as many laps as you can in that time, including finishing the lap that you are on when your time is up.

Most riders can choose to ride for 2 or 4 hours, whilst Grand Veteran males & Fat Bike riders ride for 3 hours, and male or female Juniors (aged 14-17) ride for 2 hours. It is a Series, so you do need to ride and get points in every round to be in contention. There will be podium presentations of trophies throughout the day, with Series trophies and prizes at the last round too. Thanks to our generous sponsors a large number of spot prizes are also given out during the Series.


Series Points Table

Download Final Overall 2015 Series Points


2016 dates

Round 1: 27 November - venue tbc
Round 2: 11 December - venue tbc
Round 3: 8 January 2017 - venue tbc


Entry Category – decided by your age on the 8 January 2017.

CategoryAgesStart TimeFee
2 Hour Male18-3910.00am£23
2 Hour Male Veterans40-4910.00am£23
2 Hour Female18-3910.00am£23
2 Hour Female Veterans40+10.00am£23
2 Hour Juniors Male14-1710.00am£15
2 Hour Juniors Female14-1710.00am£15
4 Hour Male18-3910.10am£25
4 Hour Male Veterans40-4910.10am£25
4 Hour Female18-3910.10am£25
4 Hour Female Veterans40+10.10am£25
4 Hour Single Speed (sub category)*18+10.10am£25
3 Hour Male Grand Veterans50+10.20am£24
3 Hour Fat Bike riders18+10.20am£24

Note: * Single Speed riders should enter this category to be in contention for the Series Single Speed plate, but their entry will also be moved to their appropriate 4 hour category for which they will also be in contention.

Reminder: If you come in just before the cut off time, you can if you wish go out and do another lap and it will count. You cannot do another lap after your category time slot has passed.