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As some of you will know, since September 2012 there has been ongoing work affecting the trails in Swinley Forest which was initiated by The Crown Estate (the owners of Swinley Forest). Before this happened, a steering group (Swinley Action Group) comprising local riders from Gorrick, BOB MBC, Swinley Facebook Group and other interested parties was formed to try to work with The Crown Estate in developing new cycle trails in the Forest. However, despite its best efforts, the group was unable to influence the design and layout of the new trails in the Forest, as The Crown Estate went forward with the design provided by Back on Track (BOT), who have experience of designing and building trails in south Wales.

A single direction cycle trail loop in Swinley Forest starting and finishing at The Look Out Discovery Centre has been put together now and together with the fire roads will be the only trail available to cyclists from April 2013. We understand that all the other single track trails through the Forest will be stopped up, blocked or grubbed up, as cycling on these routes will no longer be allowed. Forest rangers will be patrolling the Forest to ensure that cyclists keep to the new marked trails at all times.

As a result of these changes The Crown Estate have decided that they do not wish to have a permit scheme for cyclists in the future and that from 1 April 2013 they will manage all aspects of cycling within Swinley Forest. The Swinley Forest Cycling permit scheme will therefore cease to operate after the 31 March 2013.

Swinley Forest Cycling thanks you for your support, and we hope you have enjoyed the trail development work we have achieved over the years.